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Blocking TikTok At Domain-Level

Blocking TikTok At Domain-Level

Firstly let me say that this is a largely personal choice, but I’ve come to enjoy malvertising-free home & office network for some years now. I’ve not seen any adverts in years and have established multiple layers of blocking.

Whilst this is partly due to the nuisance of demands to buy products we don’t need for problems we don’t have to solve, it’s also partly an architectural and technical challenge to solve.

Approach Options

I could have approached this at a network-level block, which would have been simple if the platform was purely Chinese. However they have offices and infrastructure in the U.S. and Singapore making this more complicated.

In addition to this I can see they’re using Akamai for edge and CDN which means that I would potentially be blocking traffic for non-TikTok mechanisms.

The next-best option is to target TikTok domains and block them via DNS filtration. This isn’t perfect because mobile and console apps are beginning to adopt DNS-over-TLS libraries to use their own platform-specific DNS capability (including serving adds via CNAME-ed sub-domains).

There are a number of ways to stop that involving mangling some firewalls and analysing traffic to regularly update your hostile DoT server list. However that’s not part of this particular post – maybe I’ll have time to explain the implementation in a post later this year (but don’t hold your breath ok?).

I roughly equivocate this approach to an obstinate app or service refusing to move out of your way; so you remove the floorboards from underneath their feet…They can still stand but not anywhere near your flooring.


So the LAN DNS servers here operate within configurations that span:

  • Standard DNS resolution & caching services
  • Filtration to redirect hostile DNS back to the LAN DNS servers
  • LAN, VPC and WAN domain name entries for internal kit
  • Malvertising fencing

The solution for TikTok fits into this last category and is pretty simple. A maintained GitHub repository has a pretty good list of TikTok and related domains. I’ve created a very quick script which pulls that list and transforms it into an Unbound-friendly configuration.

The idea is that this script is run on a crontab every few days to get the latest list and has been running for a few days without incident already.

I’ve created the code snippet in full on GitLab, which you’re welcome to use and abuse for your own purposes. Enjoy 🙂